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Die Casting Products

Jeou Her Dar is a reliable aluminium casting manufacturer. Our aluminium casting, die casting products is your best choice. We can produce product with weight from 1g to 10KG, and casting precision to ±0.005mm. From mold designing, mold making,  to precision casting (We are the first to use the most advance Japanese centralized melting furnace. It can control material temperature and filters out impurities). We produce: Auto parts, 3C product parts, LED lamp parts, medical equipment parts, aerospace and optical parts, pneumatic and electrical power tool parts, mechanical hardware parts, audio parts, coffee machine parts, oven parts, bathroom fixtures, door handles, gas line hardware and other  aluminum and zinc die cast products. Our die cast products are well received by national and international product manufactures. We welcome your design plans and samples so we may help you develop product together with the most honest and reliable service and the most reasonable pricing, to produce for you a product that you will be satisfied with. We welcome you inquiries. Thank you!

Die Casting Products:

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