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Aluminum Casting Manufacturer, Die Casting Supplier

JHD is a professional die casting products, zinc die casting and aluminum casting manufacturer. Our finishing service is all-inclusive from tooling to precision die-casting. We are the first company in Taiwan to adopt the Japan center metal melting stove and an automatic metal liquid supply system that delivers melted metal liquid to each die-casting machine. >>more
Business Items
  • Zinc alloy and Aluminum alloy precision die-casting finish(Weight: 1g-6kg)
  • Aluminum alloy Gravity Casting and Sand Blast ( In JHD or Sub-contractor)
  • CNC lathe, milling, drill and other finishing works.Switzerland ABB ROBOT precision manipulator polishing machine, vibration polishing and hand-polishing.
  • Electrical-plating finishing (such as AB, BB, Chromium (Cr6+,Cr3+), Nickel, Black Nickel, Gold, Red copper and other special colors)
  • Colors painting (includes liquid and powder)(Electrostatic Spraying , Non Chromate Conversion Treatment, Nano Painting and Anodizing Treatment)
  • Components assembling.
  • All kinds of handles and knobs from 10 to 250mm (more than hundreds types)
  • Size of glass door pull handles from 300 to 120 mm (more than 50 different types) or any customize door handles.
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Saint Rich Hardware Technology Company
China Saint Rich Hardware Technology Company
Service Locations
  • Jeou Her Dar Industrial Co., Ltd
  • (China) Saint Rich Hardware Technology Company
    • No.18 Shun Chang Road,Gao Sha 2nd Industrial District, Dongsheng Township, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
    • Tel:+86-760-22219028 Fax: +86-760-22825031
    • E-mail: sr.1680@yahoo.com.cn