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JHD Aluminum Die Casting Company

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Company Profile
  • Establishment : 1984
  • Capital: NT$ 50 Million
  • Factory:4000/㎡
  • ISO 9001 : Passing
  • TS16949 : Expected in 2012
Company Objective
  • Implement aggressive business activities with an assertive business strategy to drive steady growth.
  • Implementation of professional expertise with industrial technologies
  • Excellent quality and strict product quality control.
  • Consistent quality and reasonable prices.
  • On-Site product completion to ensure cost reduction.
  • Speedy delivery and excellent service.
Company Introduction
JHD is a professional Zinc alloy and Aluminum alloy-finishing manufacturer and die casting companies. Our finishing service is all-inclusive from tooling to precision die-casting. We are the first aluminum die casting company in Taiwan to adopt the Japan center metal melting stove and an automatic metal liquid supply system that delivers melted metal liquid to each die-casting machine

This system can keep the metal liquid at a constant temperature and further to ensures the density of each die casting part in stable condition. Also this process makes the products have stable (fixed) weight and even surfaces. CNC processing, punching, polishing, electrical-plating, painting and assembling. Furthermore, by eliminating subcontractors, we can assure speedy delivery, consistent quality and a reduction of customer goods storage. For polishing work, we use an auto precision manipulator to cover the precision requirements of linear, rough and uneven surfaces, concentricity and thickness.